Nicholas Alipaz

Member | CEO

People who worked with Nicholas Alipaz invariably have one statement in common, that they learned more under his guidance than from anyone else they have ever worked for. With a background in education he has helped to promote job-embedded learning for programmers at every company in which he has worked.

Since childhood, Nicholas had a knack for engineering which was grossly apparent in his Iowa Basic Test scores for math and science, scoring in the top 90-95 percentile for the national average. Pursuing his passions he geeked out in high school through classical music, Science Olympiad, Chess club and independent studies in computer programming, it was then that he learned a great deal about conceptual and conditional logic that drives programming and ultimately led him to a career in website technology.

As CEO and curator of project architecture at Stitch Technologies, Nicholas is moulding minds of the programmers on staff to continue with development that is on the bleeding edge of technology. In the world of website technology where everyone believes they will be the next Linus Torvalds, it is rare to find someone so invested in mentoring other programmers to do great work and continually improve their knowledge. Nicholas believes that in bettering staff who are excited about learning one can create a great company and grow with even more team members who do great work.

As a programmer, Nicholas Alipaz has been a contributor on since 2007 contributing modules, documentation and patches to the community. He has also presented on topics such as Display Suite, Custom formatters, theming, views and module packaging at Drupal Camps and meetups. He has been hired as an independent consultant for architecture, training and best practices in module development as well as leading the development of many large and influential websites.

Nicholas listens to trombone music (through headphones to avoid hurting any innocent bystanders) and enjoys riding his motorcycle to avoid the traffic. He can be found at parks on the westside of Los Angeles with his wife and kids on the weekend, giving to his children a passion for learning and adventure in life. He lives in the usually overcast pocket of California, Playa del Rey, with his wife, son and daughter.